Welcome to DA Online

Welcome to PIA SA Division’s online planning portal, designed to provide online support for Development Assessment (DA) Planners, particularly new planners entering the South Australian planning industry.

This site provides access to a comprehensive range of useful information traditionally passed down through workplace mentors, who are now often too busy or limited in their own experience to assist new planners.

DA Online is not a technical guide to Development Assessment Planning, but rather a source of general information and guidance to assist planners in their Development Assessment role.

This site has been designed to sit alongside the ‘Local Government Planners’ Kit’ , which clarifies complexities and ambiguities in the Development Act and Regulations.

DA Online has been developed by PIA SA, with funding from the Local Government Research and Development Scheme and support from sponsor, Mellor Olsson.

We also greatly acknowledge the support received during the creation process from the City of Mitcham and the Department of Planning and Local Government.

Why the Website has been Developed

In December 2007, PIA SA Division released a comprehensive report prepared by Colliers International Consulting Services titled ‘Development Assessment: the inside view’', which described the findings of an extensive study into development assessment in local government.

The survey was funded by the Local Government Research and Development Scheme, and highlighted the shallow pool of experience within local councils at the time.

DA Online attempts to offer one solution to the challenge facing young Development Assessment planners and local government by providing a source of consistent, relevant information that is accessible to all.

How the Website Should be Used

This site is designed so that you can locate and retrieve a range of useful planning-related information from one simple, well structured and user-friendly site.

The information contained in the site is generic and is not specific to any council or area.

Planners can contribute to the development of DA Online by posting questions and raising issues on the interactive Discussion Board. Other planners will then have an opportunity to respond to questions and issues raised.


The content of DA Online is for information purposes only. It is intended to assist Development Assessment Planners in exercising the functions associated with their role in development assessment.

DA Online is intended only to provide a summary of the subject matter covered and does not serve as a substitute for any relevant documentation or legislation. It does not purport to be comprehensive or to render legal advice.

Readers acting on the basis of statements made in the DA Online website without first obtaining specific legal advice do so at their own risk.

PIA aims to ensure that the DA Online website is updated to reflect any changes to the legislation that governs development assessment processes in South Australia.

Sponsorship Profile

Mellor Olsson Lawyers are Local Government and Planning Law specialists, with over 30 years experience in these fields. If you would like any further information, please contact Anthony Kelly (8414 3449) or Will Webster (8414 3420) or consult the Mellor Olsson website www.mellorolsson.com.au.