Landscaping Plans

Landscape design aims to achieve a physically and visually acceptable alliance between buildings and the environment. The consideration of these aspects is extremely important to the overall success of a proposal, its long term establishment and maturation in the landscape.

Development Plans typically require a landscape plan to be submitted as part of development applications.  Many Councils outline in development application checklists or development information guides the need to supply a landscape plan, see for example:

While Councils have differing requirements, a good landscape plan should address the following elements:

  • Existing trees and vegetation to be retained or removed
  • Hard area and Soft area (paving, lawn etc)
  • Site plan and location of building footprint
  • Proposed additional planting (schedule of species and habit) and illustration of planting location
  • Indication of drainage, earthworks or excavation (if the land is sloping)
  • Erosion and sediment control plan (if the land is sloping)