Office Practice and Procedures

Delegated Assessment Sheet

It is recommended that Development Assessment Planners use delegated assessment sheets (or similar) to record notes when assessing Development Applications. Using a delegated assessment sheet will assist you to consider and record key information relating to an application in a logical manner. This will assist you to write a Development Application Report and make a decision on the Application. Delegated assessment sheets are also useful if another planner needs to gain a quick understanding of the Development Application.

See the example delegated assessment sheet for a draft template that you can use.

Workplace Mentoring

The best place to learn good habits in relation to office practice and procedures is to observe more senior planners in the workplace. Most planners are prepared (time allowing) to offer advice and guidance to less experienced staff members when they can. Develop a solid working relationship with your work colleagues so that you will gain from their influence.

See Mentoring on the Planning Profession page for more information.