Professional Development

A member of any profession has a responsibility to pursue professional development throughout his or her career to enhance professional skills, knowledge and wisdom.

PIA places a strong emphasis on this lifelong learning process. Professional Development (PD) is compulsory for PIA Corporate members and is strongly recommended for all other planners.

PD is any activity which extends or updates professional knowledge, skills or judgement, develops skills complementary to professional planning, and maintains professional competence.  PD provides the means for being more productive, understanding and applying technological advances, preparing for employment/career changes and meeting the quality of service and professional competence which the public expects.  It embraces not only the technical aspects of planning – it also includes soft skills, such as management, business skills, problem solving, policy development, technologies, etc.

Information on PIA’s professional development program is available in the attached brochure .

Events for PIA SA Division can be accessed on the PIA Website.