Traffic Report

Traffic impact assessment reports are often requested by Councils during the assessment of a development application when there is likely to be a significant amount of traffic generated from the development. The report helps to outline the impact of a development on public amenity, safety and convenience and to determine any conditions required to effectively manage a proposed development.
A traffic impact assessment report should provides an assessment of anticipated traffic and transport implications of the proposed development including consideration of existing conditions, traffic generation, site access arrangements and transport impact. Specific reference should be made to the key areas that require investigation. This may include:

  • review traffic data and generation for the proposed development areas
  • consideration of the role / function of the road (arterial and local) network in catering for proposed traffic demands. This is may include network modelling of the study area
  • assessment of likely access arrangements for the future developments
  • identify need for and location of intersection upgrades that may be required on the road network
  • assumptions made and technical standards relied upon in the report.

Traffic reports are often also sought to determine compliance of car parking layouts and driveway designs associated with various forms of development with AS 2890.1-2004 and to provide an opinion on the relevant provisions of the Development Plan as they pertain to the supply of car parking, safe and convenient access and on site manoeuvrability.